World News of May 2023 in 3 Minutes

During the month of May 2023 we witnessed various events all around the world in terms of politics, social movements, military conflicts and economic developments. Here are the most significant world news from May 2023.

May-1French Mass In May 1st Show of Anger Against Macron Pension ReformSource
May-2AOC and Gaetz Push For Ban on Congressional Stock TradingSource
May-3Kremlin Hit by a Drone, Russian Gov. Blames KyivSource
May-4El Paso Engulfed In ‘Mass Migration Dumpster FireSource
May-5Wagner Threatens to Pull Out of Ukraine In Latest Internal Russia SpatSource
May-6King Charles III Is Crowned In Lavish Coronation CeremonySource
May-7CIA Involved In JFK’s Murder R. Kennedy Jr SaysSource
May-8Russia Attacks Ukrainian Cities With Drones and MissilesSource
May-9Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan Arrested Stirring Nationwide ViolenceSource
May-10Panic Hits Tel Aviv Beach as Over 100 Gaza Rockets Pound IsraelSource
May-11Migrant Influx Overwhelms Southern Border as Title 42 Winds DownSource
May-13Republicans Demand Biden Take Cognitive Test or Drop OutSource
May-14Erdogan and Challenger Appear Headed for Runoff Election In TurkeySource
May-15Thailand’s Top Opposition Parties Agree to Link Up After VoteSource
May-17Russia Says Hypersonic Missile Scientists Face ‘Very Serious’ Treason AccusationsSource
May-19Saudis Host Zelenskiy and Assad In Latest Show of Diplomatic ForceSource
May-20Russia Gains Control of BakhmutSource
May-21Greek Conservatives Come First In Elections Buoyed by Economic UpturnSource
May-22Ukrainian-Backed Fighters Stage Cross-Border Incursion Into RussiaSource
May-23Russia PM Starts China Trip to Deepen Trade TiesSource
May-25UK Migration Soars to Record Despite Sunak’s Vow to Cut ArrivalsSource
May-28Erdo─čan Seals Election Victory in TurkeySource
May-29Spain’s PM Sanchez Calls Snap Election In JulySource
Recap of May 2023

The below collage provide a good summary as a snapshot regarding what happened troughout this month: