World News of April 2023 in 3 Minutes

During the month of April 2023 we witnessed various events all around the world in terms of politics, social movements, military conflicts and economic developments. Here are the most significant world news from April 2023.

Apr-1Largest Demonstrations In Israeli History Took In Tel Aviv Against NetanyahuSource
Apr-2Russian Military Blogger Tatarsky Is Killed In St. Petersburg CafeSource
Apr-5Donald Trump Is Charged on 34 Feloy Counts of Falsifying Business RecordsSource
Apr-6French Protesters Storm BlackRock’s Paris OfficeSource
Apr-7Israeli Strikes Target Hamas In Lebanon and Gaza After Rocket AttackSource
Apr-871 Chinese Military Aircraft and 8 Warships Cross Taiwan StraitSource
Apr-13FBI Arrests 21 y.o. Air National Guardsman Suspected of Leaking Classified DocsSource
Apr-15Macron’s Plan to Raise France’s Retirement Age Is Enacted Into LawSource
Apr-16Power Struggle Between Sudan’s Top Two Generals Turns DeadlySource
Apr-19India Passes China as World’s Most Populous NationSource
Apr-20$20M Worth of Gold Stolen From Peason Airport in CanadaSource
Apr-2447 Bodies Found In Investigation Into ‘Starvation Cult’ In KenyaSource
Apr-25Biden Announces 2024 Presidential Reelection BidSource
Apr-28Russia Strikes Across Ukraine as Kyiv Says New Offensive NearsSource
Apr-30Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names Including CIA ChiefSource
Recap of April 2023

The below collage provide a good summary as a snapshot regarding what happened troughout this month:

April 2023 World News